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Custom Printed Labels & Stickers in Seattle

Promote your product in style by giving it an attractive packaging. Labels and stickers not only add to the style statement of your product they also help build the recall value of your brand. Every time a consumer sees your custom packaged product, branded with customized labels and stickers, they create an impression of your brand and brand story in their minds. So, if you are also looking for custom printed labels & stickers in Seattle, we invite you to, a one-stop-shop for all your printing needs.

Apart from branding, customized labels & stickers are also a great way to seal your boxes so that no one can open and tamper with them. They are also an excellent form of product advertising as you can use them to communicate with your target audience. It is therefore very important that you choose the right source to custom print your product stickers as they are the first impression of your product to the customers.

We at take great pride in our design & printing skills to deliver one of the best label & sticker packaging solutions in Seattle. In this article, we explain what are labels and stickers, their usage and the different types of options available with us.

What are Labels and stickers?

Labels & stickers are product details through which your product is able to speak out or communicate itself with your target audience. By using custom printed labels & stickers, personalized with your brand logo and color, you will not only be able to package your product in an appealing manner but it will also allow your product to stand out in front of competition.

So, if you are looking to upgrade your product packaging, with branded labels and stickers in Seattle, you should connect with us at We provide economical printing services and also deliver within 24-48 hours of placing your order and this includes shipping. We provide custom printed labels & stickers in Seattle, across a wide selection, in different shapes and sizes. They can also be personalized in your brand design and shades to create your own unique product packaging.

Why are labels and stickers useful for packaging?

The primary purpose of labels & stickers is to give out product information to the customers. This information can be of varying types

· Branding: to let the consumer relate this product belongs to your brand

· Aesthetic appeal: to give an eye-catching look to your product

· Product detail: content as well as any other information

· Critical Details: Call out information like ‘flammable’ or ‘not safe for kids’ or ‘fragile.’

· Safety: Sealing the product so no one can tamper with it

· Barcode stickers: to ensure your product details can be communicated in the required fashion as per law

· Price details: to list out the product price clearly to the customers

Labels & Stickers: Material Options at

We at provide labels & sticker printing in Seattle in a variety of materials. Listing below some of our most popular choices for customized sticker and label printing.

Polyester (kraft & white paper)

Available in multiple shapes and sizes.

Highly durable so fit for both interior and exterior packaging

Suitable for rough conditions like hot and humid weather.

Sustainable as made from 100% recycled materials.

Aesthetic appeal as kraft paper has an earthy look.

These labels are however not suitable for conditions where they can be exposed to water as they cannot be laminated.

Vinyl stickers

Long-lasting and can withstand harsh weather and chemicals.

Do not spoil or damage the surface on which they are applied.

Do not leave any stain or residue when removed from the product so very suitable for glass bottles as customers generally re-use these bottles for personal use.

Destructible Vinyl

Highly secure application as cannot be peeled off easily.

Safe and secure sticker choice so most popularly used to display any critical information like flammable/fragile etc

Polypropylene stickers

Cost-effective sticker printing

Suitable for rough weather conditions as highly durable

Permanent adhesive so can be used where the product is exposed to water and oil.

Foil Stickers

High aesthetic appeal

Very popular in the fashion industry to create eye-catching branding

Shrink Sleeve Labels

Provide full coverage to your products.

Very popular in the food industry to pack bottles etc

Made of heat-sensitive material that is seamed to the product with openings on the top and bottom. The sleeve is rolled up the product and then kept in place by heat sealing. During heat seal, the sleeve tends to shrink and it, therefore, sticks to the product giving a sleek and secure finish.

Custom Printed Labels & Stickers: Printing Options


Suitable for small or medium orders, this is highly used for test orders or new product launches.


It is a cost-effective sticker printing solution with very good sticker quality so that visual appeal of your product is not compromised.


Most popular printing method as it gives out vibrant and rich in color stickers. Very good where the stickers artwork is detailed and requires fine printing. Digital printing is highly sought after for custom printed labels & stickers in Seattle, as it gives waterproof stickers with high resolution, which will ensure your brand stands out in front of your customers.

Customized Sticker Printing: Available Finishes

At, we also offer a variety of finishing options. Once you have decided the sticker material, you can further enhance the look of your product packaging by giving it different finishes like BOPP, Gloss, Glitter, Matt etc

Why for labels & sticker printing in Seattle?

With so many options to choose from, we are sure you will be spoilt for choice at However, please be assured, we have a team of print technicians who will guide you through the entire process and help you source the best custom printed labels & stickers in Seattle. We also have a team of graphic designers who can help you create beautiful and attractive labels for your brand/product that will add a personal touch to your packaging.

Connect with us at for customized sticker printing in Seattle.

Launching a new product in the market? Or launching a new variation of an existing product? If yes, visit to understand how you can effectively create your unique product packaging solution. We offer high-quality printing services in Seattle that are cost-effective, very quick in delivery and can also be customized to match your needs.

Connect with us today to get your own custom printed labels & stickers in Seattle. We have printshops across the USA with express 24-48 hours delivery in Seattle, New York, New Jersey, LA, Denver, Dallas and many other locations in USA.

Send us an email at or give us a call at 206-395-8374 for superior quality customized label & sticker printing services.

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