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Best Tradeshow Banners & Tents in Seattle Printing

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Tradeshows are a great opportunity for any company to form a connect with their target audience. Since majority of visitors at a tradeshow are present to build a vendor client relationship or making buying decisions for their company, designing an eye catching yet informative banner is very crucial to make the right first impression and pull the target customer to your booth. So, if you are also looking for Tradeshow banners in Seattle, we present you some important Printing tips to create attractive banners for your company.

Tradeshow banners should be simple & crisp

An exhibition booth at Trade fair should look smart. It should feature your company / brand logo and key details but it cannot be your company brochure explaining all the features of your product or service. If you are looking for tradeshow banners in Seattle, explore where we have a team of graphic designers and print technicians who will help you with banner printing which is smart yet clever, something that conveys your message to the target audience in select words, printed in bold text.

Choose the Right banner Printing Theme and Color

Need tradeshow banner printing in Seattle? Design a banner that goes with your brand / company color story. Also, while you want a banner that makes you stand out, it should go with the overall theme of your brand so that it looks professional and therefore creates a good first impression on the visitors.

You should also search for a “print shop near me” which has the right set of machinery to do rich and full color banner printing.

Make sure your tent printing is Clear

For successful tradeshow banner printing, it is important the content on banners is readable. No matter if the color theme and message on your tradeshow banners is perfect, it is of no use if your customers are not able to read the banner from a distance.

At, we recommend that not all content on your tradeshow signage can be printed in same font/size. Also make sure to select font that is eye-catching but easy to read. Don’t print entire text in capitals as research suggests that using a combination of upper and lower case makes the content more readable from far away.

Use Infographics is very popular for printing tradeshow banners in Seattle. We highly suggest using infographics to design your tent cards as it is a right combination of text and imagery. Also, the image selection should be such that it conveys your brand story or special product or an upcoming big event.

Once your artwork is ready, make sure to do banner printing at where we offer high-resolution high-quality printing services. Our tradeshow banners are sure to catch your client’s attention in a pleasing way.

Leave some empty space in your Exhibition Banner

Need banner printing services in Seattle? It is first and foremost, important to get the tent design or artwork right. Your exhibition signage should not be 100% covered or filled with text & graphics as it makes the banner look messy and difficult to read. Always leave some blank white space as it makes your content look more attractive and makes it stand out in front of your visitors. – for Tradeshow banners in Seattle

Are you getting ready for the next exhibition in Seattle? Connect with us at to source high-quality full color banners that will make your business/brand outshine the competitors.

Looking for “print shop near me” in Seattle? is your very own neighborhood print shop offering graphic design and printing services for all your tradeshow materials like step and repeat banners, retractable banners, banner stands, floor graphics, table throws and tabletop displays.

We also design and print marketing materials like postcards which can be handy give away at different locations in the trade fair. They can contain a small brief of your company, your location and booth number at the exhibition and any particular event or training that you may be hosting. Once clients are at your booth, you can make use of our high-resolution posters and wall graphics to capture the attention of your audience or to announce any new product launches etc.

Connect with us at

Connect with us today to let us help you design & print banners for your next tradeshow in Seattle. We have printshops across the USA with express 24-48 hours delivery in Seattle, New York, New Jersey, LA, Denver and many other locations in USA.

Send us an email at or give us a call at 206-395-8374 for Tradeshow banners in Seattle. We look forward to establishing a long-term connection with business houses in Seattle and surrounding areas for all their custom printing needs.

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